Music Tutor

No matter which are your skills, your groove, your phrasing. No matter how confident or insecure you feel about your playing. But since you are here, it is worth to keep reading and give a look.

I can provide bass lessons covering areas such as:

– Theory (Harmony, Scales, Arpeggios, Chords, Sight Reading, Rhythm)

– Aural Perception (recognition/identification of a determined pattern/scale through the use of audio/visual material)

– Styles and Technique ( fingers, pick, slap’n’pop, palm muting applied in their music context).

-Playing along/with backing tracks ( in order to consolidate your versatility as bass player)

So I am here telling you that booking a trial lesson is absolutely free. I know many of you will have different standards and goal to reach with your instrument, that is your weapon to express your internal voice. So after been teaching privately for about 4 years, there is nothing more rewarding than helping you in the achievement of what you want.

Just hit me on the “Contact me” section above in the menu.

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