Mr. Ghost (acoustic version)

Hey everybody,

Are you feeling the Halloween mood? Still wearing your monstrous deadly outfits? Witches, zombies, queens and kings of the horror, a new version of “Mr Ghost” has just been released… that means you can hear me on bass, and backing vocals too (well that’s quite scary then!!!). If you are patient enough the song has something different from the original version: guess what? I hope you’ll like the song and enjoy the few changes done!!!

Let me know what you guys think about it!

You can find this version as well on Itunes, Vevo, Youtube… and so on!

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“This is What I have to Say”

Hello everyone,

A while ago I posted a video showing the making of “Faded Away” by Mike Bradley. We will play the last EP plus some new songs (still in the making)!

We all have been slightly busy lately, but we’ll be back playing together soon again in April. Make sure you keep an eye on his Facebook page for date and times.

Here you can the whole EP “This is What I have to Say”. If you’re into some organic rock with a bluesy twist this is probably worth some of your time.

Thanks for listening 😉


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Faded Away

Hey guys,

this is the video/making of “Faded Away”, from Mike Bradley EP,  “This Is What I Have To Say” which is now available on Itunes from June 12th:  

I had great time recording with these guys! Apparently Mike came brought few clones in the studios to play and sing, alongside his countless amps and guitars. The ginger head behind the drumkit is Thomas, honestly what a rock solid player.

And at the desk the one and only James giving the right vibe to the song!

I really had some great time during this session… So,  I wish you sit back, get a pair of good headphones (or have good speakers), relax and enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed laying down that bassline!


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The bassman is back

Hello everybody,

long time I haven’t logged in and it has been ages since the latest upload. I hope the few of you that follow my playing and my site can forgive me for this WP absence.

I’m actually quite active on fb and instagram.

However during these months I’ve started playing bass for Jennings Couch:

We’ve been rehearsing a lot and we’ve been enjoying playing some shows in the UK, some others at SXSW: yeah folks, Austin was definitely some of the best time of my life!

Anyway Jennings, released already his first single, MR. Ghost, which you guys can find on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube…

But you don’t actually what happens during the live version: so I thought to spice it a bit up my own way! Back to BAS…S… (tr)IC(k)S

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“Mike Bradley EP”

Here it has been another lovely day!

After been locked in the rehearsal room for few months with Mike Bradley, today I finally managed to lay down some low end on his EP.

Aguilar SL 112, Tone Hammer head and as well preamp pedal… and my almighty P Bass were definitely a winning move. Regardless I am very critical about my sound, James sitting at the desk, managed to keep everybody happy in the room!

Can’t wait for this EP to be out and tour soon with Mike then!


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Stand Up (Studio Session)

Studio session with some great musos (the ones I probably mentioned a while back ago). Few weeks back in time, I had the pleasure to get a call for recording a new song for an Hong Kong production.

Just 3 or 4 live tracks and a couple of hours of fun at Wax Recording Studios.

Sorry, but I can’t take posing seriously as much as playing! 🙂


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Chasing those 16ths!

Hello everybody,

How are you all doing?

Long time and no updates. I have been very busy with rehearsals, gigs, some recordings and few sessions… and individual practice ( crucial in order to get more of the previous things mentioned).

Talking about it, I thought I’d share few moments of bass practice of a great song from RHCP, which I consider still nowadays one of the best way to practice semiquavers or 16ths notes!

Now here you see few seconds of the song, but I’d challenge any bass player to have a go through “C’mon Girl” playing all the song clean and with no interruption!


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